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A boiler produces heat for a water- or steam-based system. Heated water or steam is piped from the boiler to radiators, baseboards, or other heat emitters to heat a room.

Water systems are highly versatile, supporting applications such as:

  • Heating
  • Water Heating
  • Radiant Heat
  • Hydro Air
  • Snow Melt

We install systems from many manufacturers, including the following:


Burnham Hydronics

Burnham MPO – IQ Hydronics Boiler

  • High Efficiency
  • Cast Iron
  • Triple Pass
  • Rear Flue
  • Made in USA
  • ENERGY STAR rating

Burnham V8 Hydronics Boiler

  • Tankless Coil option
  • Top flue
  • Variety of capacities
  • Intelligent Oil Boiler Control
  • Excellent for limited space applications
  • ENERGY STAR rating

Energy Kinetics

Energy Kinetics logo

System 2000, Energy Kinetics

  • ULTRA high efficiency
  • Quiet operation (quietest on the market)
  • Hybrid energy recovery heating system
  • ENERGY STAR rating
  • Minimal chimney loss
  • Counterflow design
  • Low mass
  • Steel boiler
  • 2– 4” insulation all around


Buderus logo

Buderas Boiler

  • German engineering
  • High efficiency triple pass
  • Cast Iron
  • Designed to maximize the heating value of fuel
  • 3” thermal insulation jacket
  • Logamatic controls
  • Varying output temperature to avoid room temperature swings


Viessmann logo

Viessmann is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of heating equipment.

  • Based in Germany
  • High Efficiency
  • Triple Pass
  • Advanced Electronic Controls
  • Leader in Hybrid Energy Systems
  • Integrates solar energy, reduce fossil fuels
  • Produces fewer emissions
  • Attractive and Efficient