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An oil burner is a heating device which burns heating oil. The fuel is atomized into a fine spray usually by forcing it under pressure through a nozzle. This spray is usually ignited by an electric spark with the air being forced through by an electric fan.

We install systems from many manufacturers, including the following:



Beckett logo

Beckett Oilheat equipment offers you the very best in engineered efficiency and advanced technology. Upgrading to a new Beckett burner provides you with a high-performance product that runs quietly and is engineered to last. And owning a Beckett burner can lower your service costs in addition to lowering your fuel costs.


Carlin logo

Carlin EZ oil burners are reliable and highly efficient. Built in the U.S. and backed by a five-year warranty, they combine Carlin’s proven range and reliability with an advanced line of electronic controls and high-efficiency components. Carlin is a longtime leader in the Oilheat industry, having pioneered many important technological advancements.


Riello logo

Riello oil burners are designed for maximum efficiency and reliability, using reliable solid-state components that reduce maintenance cost and virtually eliminate breakdowns. Innovative features include an automatic air shutter that closes when the burner is not in use to reduce heat loss and a heavy gauge metal cover with sound-attenuating insulation for extremely quiet operation.