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Oil Tanks


Oil tanks are well built and durable, but they all require replacement eventually, and it’s vital to replace your tank while it is still sound. We inspect, test and evaluate existing tanks and recommend a proactive approach to protect your home, your property and the environment.


The only correct time to replace a tank is near the end of its life, but while it’s still in good condition. Every Oil Heat customer should have a realistic plan regarding tank replacement. We offer comprehensive tank services, including the TankSure program, which provides regular ultrasonic inspections and partial payment for a replacement tank. If your tank does not require replacement now, you’ll gain peace of mind knowing it has been evaluated.

If the tank is ready to be replaced, we will:

  • Help you select a suitable model from one of our outstanding manufacturers
  • Remove your old tank with care, and dispose of it in compliance with state regulations
  • Use clean, high quality fill if we’re removing or abandoning an underground tank— and we’ll and restore the surface with care so that the original grade is retained
  • Review your options for new tank size, shape and placement—and perhaps even help free up floor space.

While installing your new tank, we will ensure that it is level and stable, and we’ll connect the tank to the burner with a durable sleeved oil line.

We install systems from many manufacturers, including the following:


Granby Steel Tanks

Granby Steel Tanks logo

Granby Steel Oil Tanks has been the leader in the manufacture and distribution of steel tanks for the storage of petroleum products since 1954

  • Double-steel tank bottom
  • Leak detector system
  • Polyurethane outer coating
    • Protects against leaks from external corrosion
    • UV-resistant to prevent condensation
  • 20-year warranty
  • Double-walled tank bottom
  • Leak detector system
  • 15-year warranty on manufacturing defects
  • 10-year warranty on internal corrosion
Granby Standard Tank
  • Features welded lap joint
  • Electrostatic baked powder finish in black or gray
  • 10 year warranty

Roth Safety Tanks

Roth Safety Tanks logo

Roth Double-Wall Fuel-Oil Safety Tanks® are designed to offer the highest level of environmental protection.

  • Made up of two tanks

  • Inner Tank is made of blow-molded, high-density polyethylene that is seamless and absolutely leak-proof and corrosion-resistant.
  • Outer Tank is made of leak-proof, corrosion-resistant steel and is designed to contain at least 110% of the capacity of the inner tank for maximum protection.

  • All connections are on the top of the tank, to ensure that the oil stays where it should. The shiny, steel finish gives the tanks a pleasing Euro-modern look.