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Radiant Heat Installations


Are your feet cold? Radiant heat is highly desirable for its comfort and efficiency. Rather than baseboards and radiators, it uses large surfaces, such as floors, to emit heat. Heated water is piped under floors and through large radiant panels to provide a very satisfying quality of heat that radiates from the floor or panel.

Benefits of Radiant Heat

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Quick Track – Radiant Heat

  • Radiant heat can achieve higher efficiency than baseboard heat because it uses lower temperature water with larger radiant surfaces.
  • Modern boilers equipped with advanced controls can use radiant emitters to produce the same amount of heat with less fuel and without noticeable changes in room temperature.
  • With the addition of mixing valves, one boiler can deliver high-temperature water to baseboards in one part of the house while feeding lower-temperature radiant emitters in another part of the house.

Radiant Snow Melt Systems

Sidewalk with Radiant Heat Radiant Heat structure under sidewalk

Tired of shoveling? Cannondale Heating & Air Conditioning can customize a radiant system to meet your needs…from heated tile floors in your bathroom to cleared paths, steps, and drives.

Radiant Installation offers a comfort & convenience that’ll make you wonder why you haven’t done this sooner.

With Total Control you only run it when needed or wanted!

We install systems from many manufacturers, including the following:



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Uponor We build custom radiant and snow melt systems using components from top manufacturers including Uponor.

Runtal Radiators

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Hydronic and electric heating radiant products. Whether you’re building or remodeling, Runtal Radiators has residential and commercial options available to meet your individual needs. Choose from one of our many lines of hydronic, electric, & steam heating products. From electric baseboard heaters to large scale panel radiators for commercial and institutional use. Flat panel radiators are available in a variety of sizes, colors and onfigurations including custom and curved variations for unique installation applications.

Full line of towel radiators (towel warmers) in hydronic (hot water) and electric formats.

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