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Not all oil is the same. Industry Standards are always changing, but no one surpasses our commitment to Quality, Efficiency & Reliability.

All oil companies in the area get their oil from the same major terminals. Since New Canaan has its own on-site terminal, we have been able to develop and treat every gallon of oil we deliver with a special formulation for superior and cleaner performance. Our oil breaks down sludge and sediment within your oil tank while reducing biological infestations and corrosion.

Premium Fuel Formulation
We developed this special formulation in response to repeat service calls for clogged nozzles, filters, and strainers. By treating all of our customers’ tanks with this Premium Blend, the impact over time has been obvious and the benefits of New Canaan Oil’s Premium Fuel are undeniable!

We deliver BioHeat® (a combination of traditional heating oil with renewable biofuel) and we treat every gallon with a pollution-free, non-corrosive additive – at no additional cost to you!

You are protecting your investment in your home’s heating system—from your oil tank to your oil burner—with every delivery of Servco’s Premium Fuel Oil.

  • Help to reduce our reliance on foreign imports with a “renewable” domestic alternative.
  • Burn cleaner, producing fewer emissions of sulfur oxide, nitrogen oxide, carbon dioxide and particulates.
  • Increase system efficiency – conventional heating oil alone leaves behind sulfur deposits and a trail of costly maintenance, but a Bio-Blend actually dissolves these sediments, improving efficiency and extending the life of your heating system.

We are proud to help our customers tap into a clean, renewable fuel supply with BioHeat, which is a blend of traditional heating oil and biofuel made from natural sources. In virtually every instance, BioHeat has proven to improve cleanliness and combustion for your heating system compared to conventional heating oil.

Why Choose Oil Heat?
You may find it surprising to think of Oil Heat as Clean, Safe, Efficient, and Versatile—but, all of these words accurately describe the preferred method of home heating!

Benefits of Oil Heat

  • It’s Affordable: Not only does Oil Heat provide an efficient method of creating a comfortable heat, it is far less expensive than electric heat.
  • It’s Safe: Oil Heat is one of the safest fuels ever developed. A clear, champagne-colored liquid that’s non-explosive, refined and treated to meet industry clean burning standards.
  • It’s Efficient: Fuel oil in its liquid state will not burn. Ignition in the burner is achieved only after the burner has atomized the oil pulled from the tank into a fine spray of minute oil particles. These particles are mixed with air drawn into the burner, and then ignited by an electric spark produced by the burner’s transformer.

Natural Gas vs. Oil
BioHeat® the Cleanest, Most Economical, Most Reliable & Safest Fuel in America – Delivered by Local Businesses!


  • BioHeat® Home Heating Oil is now cleaner than Natural Gas
  • Claims that natural gas is cleaner than heating oil are no longer true
  • BioHeat® brings the cleanest commercially available fuel in the world right here to Connecticut.
  • Agricultural Act of 2014 report stats – Ultra Low Sulfur heating oil blended with as little as 2% biodiesel is cleaner than natural gas
  • BioHeat® Fuel – Connecticut reduced the sulfur content of home heating oil on July 1, 2014 from 3,000 parts per million (PPM) to 500ppm – an 83% reduction
  • BioHeat® Fuel in 2018 will be reduced from 500ppm to 15ppm a 95% reduction. Natural gas is primarily made up of methane which is a greenhouse gas that is 86 times more potent than CO2
  • The difference between natural gas and home heating oil is – oil can get cleaner and natural gas cannot

Less Expensive

  • Home heating oil has had a price advantage over natural gas for the last 30 years
  • Commodities markets experienced a price inversion in 2014

  • Natural gas prices plunge to records lows
  • Petroleum prices rose
  • Traditionally these commodities moved together, but when the price inverted three years ago, legislators were led to believe that the price advantage that natural gas had would last for the next two to three decades

  • The advent of hydraulic fracturing (or fracking) and unprecedented domestic production, natural gas prices decoupled from the world market where prices were five and ten times more expensive than they were in the United States, but all that changed
  • Fall of 2014, oil prices had dropped from approximately $140 per barrel to below $30 today
  • 2015 – 2016 Compare natural gas and heating oil prices – oil has a price advantage
  • DEEP’s most recent price survey, the average price for heating oil is $1.96 with a low of $1.47
  • Compare to PURA’s February Purchased Gas Adjustment (PGA) for natural gas and you will find that BioHeat®/heating oil is less expensive in most cases
  • Compare customers who converted to natural gas and are being charged a 30% distribution charge, they will never recover their conversion costs

Safe and Most Reliable

BioHeat®/home heating oil has been and continues to be the safest and most reliable source of fuel oil.

  • BioHeat® is delivered over the road via trucks, by barge, rail and through pipelines
  • Natural gas is delivered by pipelines – pipelines that leak, are constrained, and no other alternative means to be delivered when they are not functioning or are not properly supplied
  • BioHeat® is stored and delivered through a privately developed infrastructure and has a history of more than 100 years of reliability
  • Natural gas fails to meet all of their customers’ needs in extreme and fairly routine circumstances – such as Superstorm Sandy
  • BioHeat® is safe as it has a very high flashpoint and will not ignite. Combustion from oil fired systems does NOT produce carbon monoxide
  • Natural gas leaks can result in explosions. A primary by-product of combustion from a natural gas system is deadly carbon monoxide gas
Automatic Delivery
Customers who have insisted on ordering fuel one delivery at a time with other dealers find themselves comfortable with our automatic delivery service, because our pricing is fair and consistent. Worries about unexpected price hikes are a thing of the past. Customers are free to lock in their price at their own convenience and to take advantage of our straightforward discount options, which reward customer loyalty and prompt payment.

In order to make a change to your Automatic Delivery status, the State of CT requires you, the consumer, to notify New Canaan Co. via: Certified mail to New Canaan Oil, 387 Danbury Road, Wilton, CT 06897; fax to 203-834-9507; or email to Info@NewCanaanOil.com.

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