Service Worker Greeting customer at door

Emergency Service


24-Hour EMERGENCY Service

For a heating or hot water emergency  emergency please call 203-966-5539 24-hours a day for assistance.

Before calling for no heat or no hot water emergency call, here are some easy steps to take:

  • Power – do you have power to the system – make sure the electrical breaker in on
  • Make sure thermostats are in heat mode and turned to temperature
  • Oil Gauge – located on the top of the tank – make sure you have oil in the tank
  • Emergency switch – usually located at the top of the basement stairs or outside the utility/mechanical room or near the unit – make sure this is in the on position
  • Reset – if the unit is off, locate the RED RESET button located on or near the bottom unit and push it ONCE – holding it for 5 seconds then release and the unit should start automatically
  • If it does not START and stay on please call New Canaan Oil at 203-966-5539
  • An after-hours call is considered an emergency only if it cannot be postponed until normal business hours without causing a safety or property damaging situation.
  • All labor charges for covered parts are included for system repairs during normal business hours and 24-hour service emergencies

Before calling for no air conditioning emergency call, here are some easy steps to take:

  • No air conditioning is NOT considered an emergency and we provide service for air conditioning  normal business hours.
  • Make sure your thermostats are in cool mode and set below room temperature.
  • Check for any signs of ice on the outside unit. If there is ice, the outside unit should be turned off and the ice needs to melt before a service technician can be sent to the home.
  • Make sure all furnace and air handler switches are on as well as all circuit breakers.