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Custom System Design & Installation


Custom system design and installations are provided by Cannondale Heating & Air Conditioning. Cannondale HVAC is a sister company of Servco Oil and New Canaan Oil that specializes in HVAC systems including central air conditioning and hydro-air.

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When you invest in a new HVAC system, we know you want a dependable, energy-efficient operation— not potential headaches and high maintenance costs down the line. Cannondale Heating & Air Conditioning delivers precision and reliability in ducted HVAC systems.

Throughout each installation job, we ensure that every connection, every fitting and every piece of equipment is precisely measured and solidly installed.

On-site Sheet Metal Design and Fabrication

In addition to this, we have our own sheet metal fabrication shop, and all of our work is performed by our own highly-skilled, licensed employees. We continually monitor new developments in heating and air conditioning technology, and make sure that every one of our technicians is fully trained and licensed in the latest techniques and methods.